In accordance with applicable state and/or local laws, please see the following pay information for this campus program:

Campus Summer Intern Pay Value

$22.00 - $55.00 per hour

Campus Summer Intern Housing Stipend

This role may be eligible for a housing stipend, which will be payable to you within 45 days of your start date, and is intended to assist you in securing housing for the summer. The housing stipend will be reduced by any required withholdings and is subject to the terms and conditions in the offer letter. 

Campus Summer Intern Scholarships

If the applicant applies for and receives a scholarship opportunity, they will receive the scholarship for the following school year. If awarded, the payment will be sent directly to the recipient’s school to be used toward tuition and academic expenses in the fall. The scholarship is subject to an agreement that must be signed by the recipient.

Campus Summer Intern Benefits

This role is eligible for the Employee Assistance Program, which provides free, 24/7 support for employees and anyone in their household. Interns are also eligible for 401(k) vesting credit for the time worked as an intern if and when they are hired as a full-time employee. May be subject to other eligibility requirements.